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Sending love to help wih a court decision

I accept requests for sending love and take money to do it. Several weeks ago I received a request to help with a court decision. My client didn't want her husband go to jail for a little mistake he has done dealing with a state employee in Russia.
My client wanted her husband to be acquitted by the court. I suggested we look into what we really want - for her husband to stay free.

So she paid me for a week and a half of sending love into this goal and into relationships between her husband and a set of persons - court officials, his former wife, etc.
Also I suggested we do some talking online on skype and she bought two hour sessions from me. We talked about her body feelings, her emotions, her wants. This two sessions eased her tension, allowed her to receive important signals her body and mind were sending her.

Recently she informed me that her husband received a suspended sentence of several years. So he will stay free. Was glad to hear that!
In September 20015 I received a request for Sending Love into success of an artificial insemination. A couple from Russia has already tried it several times without positive results. This time they paid me for a week of sending love into successful conception of their child.

I did my part - every day of that week I would dedicate some time to imagine that real love-acceptance is flowing into every goal on my list, including the successful conception of a child for this couple.

Some time went by, I imagine is was several weeks, and this couple send me their great news - the conception went well and now they are pregnant and expect to have a child! It was very nice to hear this news from them! Initially, I was surprised that they ordered only one week of my sending love services, and I was a bit worried that it will not be enough for the task. But it worked just well in this case.

Maybe I should sell them sending love support for the rest of their pregnancy? Or maybe I should not pitch my magical influence services? - after all, when I do this influence with sending love, situations change and people don't get some of their lessons.
Maybe I should ask this couple how their pregnancy is going - and then decide whether I should suggest they order some more of sending love from me.

I noticed earlier that my Sending Love works well for women that want to get pregnant. There were two instances before. But this was the first time I was paid to apply some magical influence into successful conception of a child.

Right now I ask for US$ 50 for one week of Sending Love to you or to your goal. One month costs US$ 150. Make your order.

Was too lazy to share my results before to attract new customers. But in the last week I found some inspiration in relationships with my friends and now I want to share news about what I do and I'd like to get more interaction with people who want to use my services.

This is about my Sending Love services. About Sending Love I found in 1998 from reading "The Messenger" book by Klaus Joehle.

Webinar on Sending love - Sep 25th

I'd like to give a series of meetings on using Sending Love to improve life in areas of relationships, business, health. Weekly or monthly.
I would prefer to use google hangouts for this and I want to charge money for participation - $30 through PayPal.
First meeting on Sep 25th.
Also I'm going to do this in Russian.
Contact me if you are interested and we'll set up the time.
Recently we had a talk about it in our Russian Sending Love VK group.
I used to say that nice feelings tell if you send love in the right way.
But I found out that some people give it priority and try to get more nice feelings.

Now I realize that in Sending Love nice feelings come from the fact that we direct our deep attention towards an idea of love, an idea that it's possible to send love right now. So nice feelings is a useful sign only if they come from directing our attention toward love.
If I direct my attention towards love - it feels good. But if I try to just "create nice feeling in the center of my chest" - it might work against you, I think. With each time it's going to be harder and harder. And then you may feel drained and you'll tell you you can't send love anymore.
But you can - just talk about love, about sending love, about the idea of love-acceptance.

Also I realize that I was sort of afraid to judge my sending love by the events in the world. And it felt good and interesting to talk to people who dared to do this. How do you feel about it?

Daidi Hecht from Germany wrote to me to tell that he and Yannis from Switzerland want to create a forum where we can talk about Sending Love practice. Sending love is described in "Living on Love - The Messenger" book by Klaus Joehle​. Daidi asked if I want to moderate Russian language section of their forum. I agreed and proposed we use our old Russian forum on Sending Love. It's free to use and it has good security features.

Daidi and I spent some time setting up English, German and Russian sections on the forum. Daidi was going to ask Yannis, how he likes it, by Yannis is out of contact for some time. So I think it would be OK to begin inviting people to the forum.

You are welcome to the forum! http://klausbooks.borda.ru/

I thought our fb group "The Love that you are" would be a good place to talk about sending love. But this group evolved into motivational pics group. I hope that on the forum we'll have really meaningful interactions.


A: hi, how is your session going to work..I have read the book, tried that theory..something is missing.
Kostya: are you comfortable with video talk? or do you prefer text or voice?
A: I prefer texting :)
A: I have read “Living on Love - The Messenger” book by Klaus Joehle 2 times for now.. message is simple.. just love
A: and I agree
A: but, my partner in life passed away several month ago and I haven't found it in my heart
A: so, I need help :)
Kostya: oh, I see
Kostya: My mom has passed in March 2013 and Sending Love practice allowed me to go through this experience pretty well, I think
Kostya: And how do you do the practice? Can you give me a simple instruction for what you do to practice?
A: I go in to my heart and just open it up. All body and out
A: I have done energy healing for many years
A: I know how to do it, but just can’t access the feeling
A: through grief now
Kostya: aaa, so you already have some models for this... But it's different here
Kostya: If you look up the place in book where Angel gives Klaus the instruction, you'll see... Let me look it up to check it for myself.
A: ok
Kostya: I believe that one important word is missing in your instruction
Kostya: and this word is - imagine. Like we can't go into hear. But we can imagine this and anything else.
A: I imagine :)
Kostya: notice how often Angel uses this word when giving his instructions:

"'Just close your eyes and use your imagination to follow my directions.' Sneaky said. 'It's not important that you have your eyes closed. It will just be easier for you until you get the feel of it.'"
"I closed my eyes, relaxed, and followed his instructions."
"'Just imagine that there is a light in your upper chest near your heart and imagine it growing brighter and brighter, radiating with Love. Breathe slowly and deeply, filling your lungs with air. Breathing is important. Now let the light have a nice steady glow, like the glow you see from a candle, only much larger. Let it become more radiant and begin to surround your whole body. That's it, the sensation you're getting in your chest is all right, that is your heart opening. Now imagine sending a beam of Love from this glowing area to the food on your plate. Good. When you sense it is enough, then just let go and open your eyes, bringing yourself back into the present moment. There you go.'"

Kostya: Strictly speaking, we leave word "imagine" out and we imply it. But sometimes it's important to use it. Especially, if you are not in a great mood.
Kostya: how do you feel right now?
A: lighter
A: :) my heart chakra is expanding a little
Kostya: if you would be good in sending love - where would you like to send love right now?
A: :) to my mom
A: how long have u done this
Kostya: from 1998.
And I would love to imagine that real love is flowing right now into our talk.
A: and have your life changed?
Kostya: Where else would you like to have more love?
Kostya: Yes, my life has changed in all these years. Yours probably too.
A: Just in me..and through me to all
A: I am homless :) and without a job, everything crushed down after my partner passed, so I am creating my new life
A: and need all the love :)
Kostya: Also I'd like to imagine that real love is flowing into my day, into every action I do today!
Kostya: Where else would you like to send love?
A: I have to start doing that in every morning :)
A: sister, brother
Kostya: It's more effective to write full sentences instead of just replying "sister, brother"
A: I would like to send love to my mother, brother and sister
A: like that?
Kostya: Another thing I'd like to add real love right now is - my self awareness and my awareness of my wants and desires!
Kostya: yes
A: yes
A: I can really feel the energy, its so great :)
Kostya: if you had been a greatest master of sending love - what other area of your life would you add love to?
A: haven't felt that so long
A: I woud like to send love to my awareness and karma
A: I would like to send it to my childhood
Kostya: how much love would you like to send to your childhood?
A: I like to send love to the day I was made and starting from there
Kostya: I'd like to imagine 5 ton of love flowing into every day of my life beginning from the day of inception!
A: Yes :)
A: you’re good at this
A: :)
Kostya: where else you'd like to add love?
A: I would like to add love to my desire to have a new home and job
A: And 10 tons of love to sent to my baby, ***.
Kostya: where else you'd send love if you had a so much of it?
A: I would like to send love to the nature, animals and to the all people :)
Kostya: aha. where else?
A: I would like to send love to the whole universe :)
A: everywhere
A: And I would like to send love to my dead partner, ***.
Kostya: and I'd like to imagine right now that real love is flowing into my memories of my mother, into my relationship with my mother, into my emotions toward my mother and my father!
Kostya: what other part of your life would you like to see improved by love?
A: I would like to help people and everyone I meet
A: I would like to send love to all my memories, past-present and future, all is love, isn't it..
Kostya: if you want to help - you could imagine that love is flowing into your want to help.
Kostya: Or you can imagine that your desire to help is radiating love and you enjoy feeling this love and other people also enjoy feeling this love.
A: Yes I can
Kostya: where else you'd like to add love?
A: I don't feel anymore..it like its everywhere already :)
A: I much more calmer
A: I have to practice that everyday

(Now I’ll try to see if A has grasped the essence of what we did. To do this I’ll ask her of what we did.)

Kostya: what we did? how would you describe what we were doing together?
A: well, you opened my heart to flow

(I don’t like this answer – it doesn’t help, one can’t use this model, so I’m asking her again.)

Kostya: it's a metaphor or a model. But what we were doing?
A: sending love
A: positive energy

(She still talks in metaphors that she couldn’t use before. She talks in metaphors, in models that were not helpful to her. So I’m asking her again.)

Kostya: again it's a metaphor or a model of something what we were doing
Kostya: but what we were actually doing?
A: hmm, being who we really are?

(Strange, isn’t it? She looks for other energy work models, but can’t talk simply.)

Kostya: I my view we were talking about
1. Sending love
2. what we want
(And we didn't talk about what we don't want)
Kostya: By this we were directing our attention to what we want and to love.
Kostya: Even more specific - we were looking and our life situation from the point of “it's possible to send love and improve things”

A: we are love.
Kostya: You are love? When? Now? Were you love an hour ago?

(She says a phrase she has heard before. I try to bring her to reality of her life and her emotions. But it seems that she doesn’t like to go there, so I leave thing as is.)

A: jep, our core is love, not separated from anything else..its just human thinking got in a way sometimes
Kostya: OK, do you like our talk?
A: I am always love..just my emotions got in a way
A: I like yes
Kostya: nice to hear!
A: :) how this changed your life?

(Oh, again this question! I almost hate it. Why? Maybe because it feels that I wasted so much time? But could I have done differently? Probably, no. Well, this is just a question. Let’s try to come up with an answer.)

Kostya: what exactly do you mean? I like my life now.
A: What was then and what is now, do u have some example?
Kostya: I see no limits now - to getting something or to knowing something
A: you just sent love?
Kostya: I tried different things but I was always coming back to sending love
A: I have done everything :) bars, reiki, angelic reiki, matrix..silva method
Kostya: Then I decided to research sending love and make this practice work for me. In 2010 I began giving Sending Love seminars and this gave me the motivation for deep research. If I need to teach others – I’d better have a good understanding of Sending Love myself.
A: :) that's what I would like to do
Kostya: From this deep research I went farther into the reasons why Sending Love (and other magic practices) work. Then - farther...
Kostya: very well, begin giving sending love seminars!
A: :) have to do that daily for myself and others first
Kostya: here is my page with Sending Love instructions in English
A: I am so grateful
Kostya: it's harder to do it yourself. It's easier to do with with other people, like we just did together.
Kostya: because there was I - asking you "where else would you like to send love?"
A: :) yes
Kostya: When you are alone - you'd have to ask it yourself
A: :) thank you
Kostya: you are welcome!

The Messenger book in Estonia

I was just informed that "Living on Love - The Messenger" book by Klaus Joehle has been published in ‪#‎Estonia‬!
This is a book about Sending ‪#‎Love‬ practice that you can use to magically influence your life.
If you have a link to this new book in Estonian, please send me a link.
(status written by Kostya)

Created a page on Systems Theory

Yesterday I have created a page on Systems Theory, as I understand it after hearing from Dmitry Shamenkov. There I mention 2 books that deal with "System Family Therapy" - I'm very excited about them.
They propose to see a family as one living organism. They heal kids by making parents talk to each other again.
Would you like to receive from me a free session of Sending Love coaching?
It will look like a conversation in fb chat or skype chat. We will be talking about sending love and about our wants.
Where would I send love now? Where would you now send love?

For example: Right now I would send real love into composing this message. Also I would send real love into my idea of going to different cities and countries and giving Sending Love seminars there.

In the second part of our conversation we will also talk about what we want. For example: "Right now I would like to love myself, accept myself and approve of myself - for everything I do. Also I'd like now to be chatting with someone about sending love and our wants."

And it's important to keep to the rule "talk only about what you want (don't talk about what you don't want)". Why it's important? Because in these talks we are stating what we prefer. In other words we are creating the intent. And the intent is the reason why magic works, why the magic of sending love works, why the magic of other practices (affirmations, Hooponopono, requests to Angels, etc.) works.

So if you'd like to receive a free session, send me a private message. Do it today or in one of following days.

Right now I'm very interested in researching this form of Sending Love. I am getting good results from using it and it looks very promising. Sometimes people might tell me that they can't send love right now. But they can anytime tell me where they would send love right now (if they could do it). The very act of saying this - already IS sending love. This is very neat and I'm hooked on it.

So if you are interested in improving your life with Sending Love or if you are interesed in creating miracles - tell me and let's do it together.

A page on my site with links

Sending love from being level

My sending love today brought this realization.
I see now how what I recently have heard from Tom Campbell (intellect level intent and being level intent) relates to sending love.
When I'm on intellect level, my mind creates a lot of wants and emotions.
When I'm deeper into awareness and closer to being level intent, my mind is more calm and stable, but less creative.

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