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"Living on Love: The Messenger" by Klaus J. JoehleGreat book about using the Power of Love

It is both very interesting reading and very helpful self-help book.

I found this book in 1998 when author was emailing it to anyone who wanted to read it and in return asked for $5 -- but only if the reader loved the book. I got my hands on the book -- and found that it's hard to step away from reading this fascinating story about the Power of Love.

I loved the book and felt extremely happy that there's a way to show the author my gratitude not just with words but also by sending him $5. It was the first time I paid for anything I got from the internet! And I'm still very happy with that transacion - it was the best money I every spent!

From the book I learned how to send love and I'm using it ever since to transfrom my life into a dream that comes true.

Until they begin teaching sending love in schools, buy the book and teach your kids sending love. You too will benefit from learning to do it. It's as easy as "imagine as if Love is radiating from the center of your chest". Do you feel a smile forming on your face? That's the power of love that Klaus Joehle shares in his books!

Thanks you -- all who have left their reviews of Klaus Joehle books on Amazon!
And if you haven't reviewed them there -- please do that.

Text of "Living on Love - The Messenger" book by Klaus Joehle online and free.


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