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I'm traslating into Russian talks by Klaus Joehle for a new book "Island talks".

Klaus says in "Stop trying to hug me" about sending love:
The reason it worked for me and the reason it works for a lot of people instantly, the minute they read about it and see it, and they start working with it -- and it works for them right away -- is for one simple reason: they believe it. And one of the reasons why they believe it: when they read about sending Love, it instantly makes sense to them. Instantly they can tell that this is right and it’s the truth. Instantly something inside says “Yes, I already knew this, I just seem to have forgotten.” It’s sort of like for a moment you forget your name and somebody says your name is Frank and you go “Yes, Frank, yes, I remember now, how could I forget.” That’s what it’s like.


Ha! I have read "Destiny of Souls" by Michael Newton and now I realize that more and more skills from "Spititual world" (it's where we stay between death and new birth) come to the Earth, to the physical world. Sending love is one of these skills - healers use it in Spiritual world all the time.

So, I guess, for those who already have learned sending energy in Spiritual world - for them it's gonna be instant recognition. Those who have not done it there will have doubts. Ha! Very simple!

Here I wrote about this in Russian.

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